Contacts & OC

    If you have any questions about the ITYM, please contact us by e-mail and we will answer you as soon as possible:

Organising Committee

   All countries are welcome to participate in the tournament. Please check the registration page.

International Organising Committee (IOC):
 Dr. David Zmiaikou  President of the ITYM
 Mobile (fr): +33 6 64 76 60 06
 Prof. Barys Zadvorny  Vice-President of the ITYM
 Belarusian State University
 Phone: +375 29 65 78 808
 Prof. Ilya Chistyakov  Vice-President of the ITYM
 Laboratory of Continuous
 Mathematical Education (Director) 
 Prof. Martin Andler  France
 Association Animath (President)
 University of Versailles 
 Prof. Bernardo Da Costa  Brazil
 Instituto de Matemática - UFRJ 
 Prof. Boris Doubrov Belarus 
 Belarusian State University
 Prof. Veselin Gushev  Bulgaria 
 Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
 Matthieu Lequesne    France
 Ecole Polytechnique
 Gabriela Elena Zanoschi  Romania
 National College of Iași

Local Organising Committee (LOC, Russia):
 Prof. Ilya Chistyakov  Chair
 Laboratory of Continuous 
 Mathematical Education

 Mobile+7 921 317-51-49 
 Ilya Smolensky  Co-chair 
 Time for Science Foundation
 Mobile: +7 911 186-71-11
 Evgeny Amosov  Co-chair
 Time for Science Foundation
 Mobile: +7 921 744-39-51
 Kirill Rogushkin  Co-chair
 Mobile: +7 962 709-28-21
 Andrei Potemkin  Secretary
 Mobile: +7 906 273-08-57

Scientific Committee (also includes the members of the IOC):
 Prof. Alexander Florinsky Russia
 St Petersburg University
 Mikhail Hlushchanka   Germany
 Jacobs University
 Vincent Jugé    France
 University Paris Diderot
 Dr. Igor Kortchemski   Switzerland
 University of Zurich
 Emmanuel Lecouturier  France
 École Normale Supérieure
 Prof. Marcel Oliver   Germany
 Jacobs University 
 Dr. Marcel Roman  Romania
 Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi"
 Palina Salanevich   Germany
 Jacobs University
 Tsimafej Khatkevich  Russia
 N.R.U. Higher School of Economics
 Prof. Ivan Tonov  Bulgaria 
 Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
 Dr. Maksim Zhykhovich  Germany
 University of Mainz