Preliminary and Final Written Materials

The teams should type their solutions and send preliminary written materials to before Monday 19 June 2017, 11pm GMT.

The teams should type their solutions and send final written materials to before Monday 3 July 2017, 11pm GMT. It is not required to send solutions on all the problems. However, at least six problems must be investigated.

Files with extensions PDF are accepted, a separate file per problem, named as:  Team-ITYM2017-ProblemN.pdf”. There is a 30 page and 5 MB limit per problem (A4, 11pt). The pages should be numbered.

The first page of each file should contain the number and the name of the problem, the name of the team, the authors and an abstract (a brief summary of results and methods, about  of the page). A model for the first page:

Problem 4:  A Baby Chess
Team: France 2
Authors: Ivan Ivanov, John Johnson

   In this paper we classify the winning strategies for the first player in the case...


These and only these written materials will be discussed during the tournament and no text editing will be permitted. An exception is in the case of correcting minor errors, which should be mentioned during the presentation. Moreover, during his/her performance the Reporter is only allowed to present:

  • parts of the written materials with no modification, e.g., exact statements with their original numberings, figures and diagrams;
  • sketches of solutions and proofs, and ideas used in the written materials.

All paper and electronic sources (books, articles, etc.) directly involved in proofs should be mentioned in the end of the written materials. For instance, if the team uses an already known and non-obvious result, the result must be stated explicitly and a reference must be provided with citations where it is involved in the solution.