Preliminary Written Materials

The teams should type their intermediate solutions and send the preliminary written materials to before Monday 20 June, 11pm GMT. Note that after sending the preliminary materials, teams may continue working on the problems and make modifications until sending their final materials. 

The preliminary materials will be checked by experts, and the teams will be ranked according to the quality of their materials (team with the best materials will have rank 1). The division into Groups for Round 1 will be made by the following rule. If, for example, there are 15 teams ranked from 1 to 15, then the groups will be

 Group A  Group B  Group C  Group D
 1  2  3  4
 8  7  6  5
 9  10  11  12
   15  14  13

Files with extensions PDF are accepted, a separate file per problem, named as:  Team-ITYM2016-ProblemN-prelim.pdf”. There is a 30 page and 5 MB limit per problem (A4, 11pt). The pages should be numbered.

The first page of each file should contain the number and the name of the problem, the name of the team, and an abstract (a brief summary of results and methods, about of the page). A model for the first page:

Problem 4:  A Baby Chess
Team: France 2
Authors: Ivan Ivanov, John Johnson

   In this paper we classify the winning strategies for the first player in the case...