Here is a preliminary schedule.
A more detailed 
timetable will published later.

Publication of the list of problems

Publication of the official regulations
(last year's regulations with few modifications)

Monday 8 May 2017, before 11pm GMT
   Deadline for the Registration Form
   (send to oc@itym.org)

Monday 19 June 2017, before 11pm GMT
   Deadline for the Preliminary Written Materials
   (send to oc@itym.org)

Monday 3 July 2017, before 11pm GMT
   Deadline for the Final Written Materials
   (send to oc@itym.org)

Tuesday 4 July 2017, at 3pm GMT
   First Draws Online
   (see this page)


Friday 7 July 2017
   IOC & Jury Meeting

Saturday 8 July 2017
   Opening Ceremony
   ROUND 1
   Second Draws

Sunday 9 July 2017
   IOC & Jury Meeting

Monday 10 July 2017
   ROUND 2
   Third Draws

Tuesday 11 July 2016

Wednesday 12 July 2016
   Free Day / Preparation to the Finals
   IOC & Jury Meeting

Thursday 13 July 2016
   Closing Ceremony

Friday 14 July 2016