Official 2012

The fourth ITYM was co-organized by the University Paris-Sud, Animath and the Ecole Polytechnique and took place from 3rd to 10th July 2012 on the University campus in Orsay (located 30 km from Paris).


Ten teams participated in the tournament - more than 110 high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and professors were implicated from the seven following countries:

Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, France (3 teams),

Germany, Romania, Russia (2 teams).

Problems 2012

Regulations 2012

Timetable 2012

Local Organizing Committee:

Bruno Taheux, Dr. Bernardo da Costa, Dr. Igor Kortchemski,

Matthieu Lequesne, Roxane Morel, Fabienne Jacquemin,

Dr. Samuel Lelièvre, Vladimir Shchur, Dr. Maksim Zhykhovich, Sun Zhe

President of the Jury: Prof. Pierre Pansu (University Paris-Sud)

International Organizing Committee:

Prof. Martin Andler (France)

Prof. Ilya Chistyakov (Russia)

Prof. Veselin Gushev (Bulgaria)

Prof. Barys Zadvorny (Belarus)

Dr. David Zmiaikou (France)

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