Official 2014

The sixth ITYM was co-organized by the Jacobs University and Animath and took place between 13th and 19th July 2014. Home of the ITYM 2014 was Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, which already hosted the 50th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2009) and the “Modern Mathematics” International Summer Schools in 2011 and 2013.


Eleven teams participated in the tournament - more than 120 high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and professors were implicated from the following nine countries:

Belarus, Bulgaria, France (2 teams), Germany (2 teams),

Iran, Nepal, Romania, Russia, Ukraine.

Problems 2014

Regulations 2014

Timetable 2014

President of the Jury:

Prof. Martin Andler (University of Versailles, France)

The International Organizing Committee:

The Local Organizing Committee (Jacobs University):

Special Feature of the ITYM 2014: the winning team was invited to one of the world’s top-most mathematics events ‑ the awarding of the Abel Prize 2015 in Oslo by the King of Norway! Here is the message of Prof. Dierk Schleicher from the ceremony (May 19, 2015):

« Dear friends,

Greetings from Oslo where today the Abel prize was awarded to John Nash and Louis Nirenberg. As you all know, I had arranged for the winners of the ITYM 2014 in Bremen to be invited to the ceremony, and indeed they were there. I’d like to share three pictures of today with you: the first is the winning ITYM team with the two laureates (“the winners of Abel and ITYM prizes together”), the second shows the King of Norway presenting the award to the laureates, and the third shows the ITYM winners with a fellow French mathematician, Fields laureate Cédric Villani (also with a member of the Bremen team, Maik). I am glad that the ITYM winners enjoyed this day as a special day in their lives.

With best wishes to all of you,

Dierk. »