Official 2018

The eleventh ITYM was in Paris (France) Animath, from 5th to 12th of July 2018. The local website of the ITYM 2018 is

Twelve teams participated in the tournament - more than 150 high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and professors were implicated from the following seven countries:

Belarus (2 teams), Bulgaria, France (2 teams), Georgia, Germany (2 teams), India, Romania, Russia (2 teams).

Problems 2018

Regulations 2018

Timetable 2018

Local Organising Committee

Victor Vermès (president), Matthieu Lequesne (vice-president), Antoine Martin (vice-president), Martin Andler (honorary president), Marc Abboud, Mathieu Barré, Vincent Bouis, Colin Davalo, Diego Dorn, Mihaela Frunza, Sophie Guillaume, Félix Lequen, Clément Lezane, Simon Machado, Charles Madeline-Derou, Elsa Masson, Laura Soueidan, Wassim Trabelsi, and many others.