The problems for the International Tournament are suggested by contemporary mathematicians and satisfy the following criteria:

  • each problem is partially unsolved, i.e. it may contain parts with no known solution,

  • each problem is accessible to high school students, i.e. the authors are certain that some elementary research work can be done on the problem.

The original problems come from the fields of algebra, analysis, combinatorics, geometry and number theory.

Here is the official list of problems for the ITYM 2019:

Problems 2019 (PDF)


Apr 19 • In the problem 8, the definition of an embedding has changed (the condition that no arc includes points associated with other vertices was also removed).

Apr 17 • In the problem 8, the definition of an embedding has changed (the condition of non-intersection of arcs was removed).

Mar 26 • In the problem 3 question 1(b), the variables a and b have been discarded.

Mar 26 • In the problem 8 question 2, the definition of a perfect k-ary tree has changed.

Remark 1. Please also check for possible updates of the list of problems during the next days after they are published.

Remark 2, The questions are not always ranked by increasing order of difficulty. Besides, there is no need to give solutions to all the problems: each team can refuse a certain number of problems. Refer to the regulation for details.

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