Welcome to the official website of the International Tournament of Young Mathematicians!

It is a team competition for high school students from all over the world. Each team should consist of 4 to 6 students, guided and accompanied by one or two adult team leaders.

Its purpose is to stimulate interest in mathematics and its applications, to develop scientific thinking, communication skills and teamwork. 

The ITYM developed out of national tournaments in some countries, especially from Eastern Europe. 

The 12th ITYM is being co-organised by the Cervantes Gymnasium AIA-GESS, the International Black Sea University and the Grigol Robakidze University.
It will take place in Tbilisi in October 2020. 
In contrast to olympiads, the problems for the tournament are published several months in advance and contain parts with no known solution. 

During the tournament the participating students present their results in a kind of research debate involving Reporter, Opponent, Reviewer and Observer.

The ITYM is supported by leading universities of Europe and has allowed collaboration between professional scientists and youngsters. Thousands of students, teachers and scientists from 17 countries have already benefited from the tournament.

Because of the situation with Covid-19, the International Organising Committee is
now considering to shift the 12th edition to October 2020. We believe that the
tournament should be held this year and we are working to find the best solution. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

The problems will be published in August
Registration is open until September 15



Problems for the ITYM are suggested by contemporary mathematicians. 

▹ Each problem contains parts with no known solution.

▹ Each problem is accessible to high school students, elementary research can be done. 

▹ Some problems are advanced and require learning new theory.

▹ The original problems come from fields of algebra, analysis, combinatorics, geometry, number theory and probability.  

▹ It is not compulsory to send solutions to all the problems. During the ITYM, every team will present at most three of them.

The official list of problems will be released in April 2020.
Quiz is a written test of 2.5 hours. Its aim is to check team’s understanding of the problems of the ITYM, competence in involved mathematical fields and solving skills.

During the rounds and the finals, the teams play the four following roles:

Reporter presents the main ideas and results obtained while solving the problem.

Opponent analyses the solution of the reporter and points to inaccuracy and errors in the paper and the presentation.

Reviewer evaluates both the performance of the reporter and the work of the opponent.

Observer only makes important remarks missed by all others.

Participate in the ITYM:

▹ Form a team of 4, 5 or 6 high school students

▹ Find one or two team leaders such as math teachers, undergraduate or graduate students, or scientists

Register your team before September 15

▹ Pay the participation fees

▹ Work on the problems

▹ Send your solutions four days before the tournament

▹ Attend the first draws online

▹ Come to the international tournament, follow the rules and enjoy

 AUG  PROBLEMS                           
 20:00  Publication of the list of

 SEP 15  REGISTRATION             
 23:00  Deadline for registration

 23:00  Deadline for preliminary
              written materials

 OCT  FINAL WM                            
 23:00  Deadline for final
              written materials

 OCT  FIRST DRAWS                     
 15:00  First draws online (GMT)

 DAY 1  ARRIVAL                             
 20:00 Written reviews
 21:00  Social event
 DAY 2  ROUND 1                             
 10:00  Opening ceremony
 13:00  Round 1
 21:00  Draws
 DAY 3  QUIZ                                     
 10:30  Quiz
 23:00  Written reviews

 DAY 4 
 ROUND 2                            
 11:00  Round 2
 17:00  Sports
 21:00  Draws

 DAY 5 
 10:00  Excursion

 DAY 6  FREE DAY                           
 21:00  Written reviews

 DAY 7  FINALS                                
 10:00  Finals
 19:00  Closing ceremony

 DAY 8  DEPARTURE                     
 12:00  Departure

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