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......The first ITYM was co-organized by the University Paris-Sud 11 and Animath and took place from 27th June to 3rd July 2009 on the University campus in Orsay (located 30 km from Paris). 

......Six teams participated in the tournament from the four following countries (more than 70 high school students, graduate students, teachers and professors were implicated):  Belarus, Bulgaria, France and Russia.

......Local Organizing Committee: 
Frédéric Bernicot, Sophie Cavadini, Bernardo da Costa
Samuel Lelièvre, François Lo Jacomo, Martine Justin
Louis Santharoubane, Maksim Zhykhovich, Evgeniy Zorin

......International Organizing Committee:
Martin Andler (France)
Ilya Chistyakov (Russia)
Pierre Pansu (France)
Barys Zadvorny (Belarus)
David Zmiaikou (France)

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